Daljit Sehbai
Vice Chairman
Mihir Bose
Sanmukh Singh Baxi
General Secretary
Jeet Sahgal
Joint Secretary
Hitesh Tailor
7 Upper Montagu
Street, London
Aims of NCBI

Aims and Objectives of the National Council of British Indians

To ensure that the Indian Community in the United Kingdom is recognised as a distinct and significant group and to be called British Indians or Indian British if one follows the example of the United States where residents of Indian origin are called Indian Americans.

To educate the public, the government agencies, and also the media of the contributions made by British Indians to the life in the United Kingdom, the country they have chosen to live in.

To emphasise the importance of secularism and the Indian tradition of democracy, freedom, fairness, tolerance of all faiths and cultures, and other values that India shares with Britain.

To promote the values of good citizenship among people of Indian origin settled in the UK and help in promoting harmony and social cohesion among people living in this country.