Daljit Sehbai
Vice Chairman
Mihir Bose
Sanmukh Singh Baxi
General Secretary
Jeet Sahgal
Joint Secretary
Hitesh Tailor
7 Upper Montagu
Street, London
About The NCBI

National Council of British Indians was formed to promote and protect the legitimate and special interest of people of Indian origin in the UK.  British Indians form the largest ethnic minority group in Britain, whose contributions to Britain’s social and economic life deserve recognition.  NCBI wants British Indians to seek unity among diversity and play their part in promoting social cohesion in Britain.   

1Daljit Sehbai                                                           
Chairman, National council of British Indians  

Daljit Sehbai graduated from Delhi University with an MA degree in political science. After a brief stint as political correspondent for a news agency in India, he came to London to study for the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn. Deciding not to pursue a career in law, he went back into journalism and then publishing. 

He was Editor of the International Edition of World Book Encyclopedia and then a co-founder and Director of Publicare Ltd., an editorial package company.  In 1974, he established Nile & Mackenzie Ltd., a publishing company, which published reference and general books. In the early 1980’s, he acquired the UK rights for the International Edition of INDIA TODAY, India’s best-known newsmagazine, and later launched the UK Edition of INDIA TODAY with extra pages devoted to news related to British Indians. He has written articles for newspapers and magazines, and has contributed to a number of reference books including the Grolier Year Book and encyclopaedias published in the UK, Australia, and the United States.

Daljit was also Editorial Consultant to the Mirror Group Newspapers and helped to produce a special edition of THE PEOPLE, a Sunday newspaper, aimed at the ethnic minority population in Britain. It had pages of news from the Indian subcontinent and other features of special interest to the second generation British youth who have their origin in the Indian subcontinent.   

He was Chairman of the Reform Club, one of London’s most prestigious clubs, from 2000 to 2002. He has also served as member of the Kingston & Esher Community Health Council and the South Eastern Electricity Consumers’ Committee.

Currently, he is Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Journalists charities to help journalists and their families in need

1Mihir Bose
Vice Chairman, National council of British Indians

Mihir Bose has had a rich and very varied journalistic career for more than thirty years.

He has presented programmes for radio and television, worked for nearly all the major newspapers of the United Kingdom and also written 22 books. His experience includes both writing, editing and acting as a consultant to management on editorial matters. His work for Indian titles includes initiating and advising on the launch of Midday.
Both his journalism and book writing have won him several awards. These include the business columnist of the year, the sports news reporter of the year, the sports story of the year and the Silver Jubilee Literary award of the Cricket Society of England, the first Indian to win this the most prestigious award in cricket writing. His history of Apartheid and Sport was runner up in the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award. He has also written the first-ever comprehensive history of Bollywood, the Hindi film industry.

A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, in January 2007 he joined the BBC as its first Sports Editor.  The position reflects the fact that sports is now much more than events on the field of play but is also an industry which produces news stories. The role of the BBC sports editor is to cover these sports news stories ranging across all sports. The job involves investigating and analysing sports stories, and evaluating their implications for sports. The job involves working for all the BBC outlets, television, radio and on-line.

Before joining the BBC, he was the chief sports news correspondent of the Daily Telegraph for 12 years. He created a weekly column, Inside Sport, which examined the growth of sports as a world-wide business and political phenomenon. His brief also covered investigations into sports stories such as the use of drugs and the intervention by politicians. He covered all the major sporting events such as Olympics and the World Cups.  His column was an innovation in British sports journalism and other newspapers have now tried to follow the new sporting trends he established. He also wrote on the editorial pages of the paper on such subjects as race, immigration and the issues of culture and religious clashes raised as a result of 9/11.

1Hitesh Tailor
Joint Secretary, National council of British Indians

Hitesh graduated with First Class Honours in Business Studies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He specialises in business management and won the Institute of Management prize for best essay on the qualities required by business leaders of tomorrow. 

His career started with the oil boom and travelled to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.. He has had a varied commercial experience before serving as Chief Executive of a private investment group with interests in Brussels, London, and Montreal. 

Hitesh is an Independent Governor of the London South Bank University (LSBU)and Chairman of its Audit Committee. He also serves on the Nominations and Student Affairs Committee, and is a past member of the Equality and Diversity Committee.  Hitesh established an annual prize for the best Business Studies Student of the year.

Jeet Sahgal
Joint Secretary, National Council of British Indians

Jeet Sahgal qualified as an engineer at Faraday House Engineering College in London. After working in industry and then in the import and export business, he went into teaching as Lecturer in Science and Maths and Electrical Installation in the Building & Constructions Department of Hackney Community College, and then taught TV Servicing in the Electronics Department. During his long career in teaching, he also developed and delivered special courses for Community Satellite Receiving Equipment. Jeet was the longest serving member of the Academic Board at Hackney Community College.

He later moved to Tower Hamlets College to teach Maths & Numeracy and was also a Visiting Lecturer on the PGCE program for Greenwich University.

He was a Producer and Presenter of “Education Special” programmes on LBC and Spectrum Radio, and also wrote for the UK edition of The Asian Age. He is Past President of the Lions Club of Wanstead and Woodford.