Daljit Sehbai
Vice Chairman
Mihir Bose
Sanmukh Singh Baxi
General Secretary
Jeet Sahgal
Joint Secretary
Hitesh Tailor
7 Upper Montagu
Street, London
Welcome to NCBI

Formed in the aftermath of the terrorist atrocity of 7 July 2005, National Council of British Indians believes that people of Indian origin in the UK are a distinct and significant group. British Indians have an important role to play in promoting the values of democracy, freedom, fairness, and tolerance of different faiths and cultures. It seeks unity among diversity and social cohesion.

NCBI wants the Indian community, which forms the largest ethnic minority group in the UK to be recognised as a distinct group and should be called British Indians. The term Asian used to describe only those from the Indian subcontinent is a misnomer unless we include every one with their origin in Asia. You cannot use the term Asian and exclude Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Koreans, and Malaysians, who live in the UK.

NCBI supports the view that British Indians have different values and traditions and should not be bundled together with others having entirely different, though equally distinct values and beliefs. NCBI believes that British Indians must integrate, respect the British way of life, while at the same time retaining the values and traditions of their Indian heritage.

Unity among Diversity. Whatever our race, religion, or country of origin; one thing must unite us all and that is our citizenship of the United Kingdom. We must make endeavours to promote social cohesion in the country that we have chosen to live in.

NCBI aims to protect and promote the legitimate and special interests of the people of Indian origin, but will also inculcate the values of good British citizenship