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Application form for membership of the National Council of British Indians

I am a person of Indian origin and a permanent resident in the United Kingdom and would like to become a full member of the National Council of British Indians.
I enclose a cheque for £48.00 for one year’s subscription of the National Council.

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Full membership of the National Council of British Indians is open to any person who was born in India or whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) are of Indian origin

Associate Membership
Any person who has a business, academic, or marriage connection with India can enrol as an Associate Member of the National Council of British Indians. 

I apply to become an Associate Member and enclose a cheque for £36 for one year

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I support the aims and objects of the National Council of British Indians in promoting values of good British citizenship among the Indian community as a distinct group in the United kingdom that emphasises the Indian tradition of democracy, secularism, and, above all, the tolerance of different faiths and cultures.

I enclose as donation to support its work, a cheque for £100/£250/ £500/ £1,000 or alternatively any other amount (please state):-

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Cheque made payable to: National Council of British Indians should be sent to: - 

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